Travel Benin

Benin is a beautiful West African country with a fascinating history – it was a central hub during the Slave Trade, the effects of which are still visible today. Historic sites such as the Route d’Esclaves is not to be missed, as it was here that millions of slaves departed for the New World, usually Brazil or the Caribbean.

Benin Travel Advice & Tips

Today, Benin is one of the most stable countries in West Africa and thus makes it relatively to travel and is very accessible for tourists. Wildlife viewing opportunities abound with national parks such as the Pendjari where you can potentially see elephants, lions and other exotic Africa animals.

The official language of Benin is French, though tribal languages are also spoken. Around 1/3rd of the population lives on just $1.25 a day making this one of the poorer nations, however as a tourist this means you can stretch your budget – just be sensitive to local prices and situations.

Flights to Benin / How to Get There

As with many former French colonies in Africa, Air France maintains significant air routes with Benin. You can fly from North America to Benin usually visa Paris, France.

Hotels in Benin / Where to Stay

Benin’s main city of Cotonou offers hotels, hostels and other accommodation options. Guesthouses are always an option as well.