Travel Burundi

Burundi is a beautiful country, however remains marred by ethnic violence. Always check with government authorities for travel advisories as the situation in Burundi is fast changing and volatile. While things have improved in recent years, be prudent and check the situation before you decide to visit.

Burundi Travel Tips & Advice

Burundi’s capital is the city of Bujumbura, which is famous for being located on a beautiful lake and close to many beaches. Bujumbura was also part of Germany’s attempt at African Colonialism and Burundi was once known as “German East Africa”. The majority of people in Burundi are Roman Catholic with around 10% of people being Muslim.

As with many sub-saharan African countries, AIDS has reached epidemic proportions in Burundi. Many people who visit Burundi are volunteers who help with various humanitarian organizations.

Flights to Burundi / How to Get There

Burundi is served by Air Burundi, Ethiopian Airlines and other African airlines. Most flights to Burundi arrive in Bujumbura.

Hotels in Burundi / Where to Stay

Hotels in Bujumbura are available readily, as are guesthouses and accommodation that can be arranged by tourism companies.