Travel Egypt

Egypt is known as the land of the pyramids, ancient civilizations and great rulers. And while we realize this history is in the past, relics and artifacts still remain for modern day travelers to explore.

Extending into Asia as well, this desert country contains several oasis areas as well as cities that find a home along the massive Nile River. Not just the home of mummies, Egypt is a modern country with widespread appeal.

Egypt travel tips & advice

Needless to say, the pyramids in Egypt are the most popular attraction of tourists, but there are plenty of other sights that will give you a glimpse into ancient Egyptian times such as:

  • The Egyptian Museum
  • The West Bank
  • The Temples of Abu Simbel
  • The Valley of the Kings
  • The Library of Alexandria
  • The temples of Luxor
    • There are four regions in Egypt to explore: Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Middle Egypt and the Western Desert. Traveling along the Nile itself also gives you a glimpse of the only fertile valley in the country which continues to be the heart of this land.

      Flights to Egypt / How to Get There

      Getting into Egypt is usually done by plane and the country has several widely used airports, though some only cater to chartered flights: Cairo International Airport, Luxor Aswan International Airport, Burg Al-Arab International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport. You might also enter Egypt via bus, car, or boats that cross the Red Sea to the East. Find cheap flights to Egypt here.

      Hotels in Egypt & Where to Stay

      Luxury was always a goal of the ancient Egyptians and modern day Egypt is no different. Hotels in Cairo are opulent and give you a lovely view of the pyramids of Giza, but hostels in the area are just as accessible, while being significantly cheaper to reserve. Click here for hotels in Egypt.

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      Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt

      What you might not realize is that there are over 100 pyramids throughout Egypt, but when you want to travel to see them specifically, most people choose the group known as the Great Pyramids. Located in Giza, these pyramids were created to symbolize the creation of the world, as the ancient Egyptians understood life. There ... Read more Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt