Travel Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known for many things that may seem negative, but it is in fact a great place to vacation or visit while traveling through the area.

Ethiopia travel tips & advice

Ethiopia is officially known as Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and is one of the oldest countries in the world, dating back to 1000 B.C. It is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. The capital is Addis Ababa and Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti border it. Being one of the oldest countries in the world, it is filled with all sorts of history, political and otherwise. A couple of known facts include:

  • Joined as a member of the League of Nations in 1923
  • Signed the Declaration of the United Nations in 1942
  • Was one of the original 50 countries to join the United Nations

Visas are required for Canada, the United States and some European countries. These can be obtained at the airport in Addis Ababa by showing proof of passport, two photos, money, and time; processing can take over two hours.

If entering Ethiopia by road most choose come from Kenya. There are other border points available, though. Dewale and Galafi, Djibouti and Humera and Matema, Sudan offer entranceways.

Once you are in Ethiopia, you have choices of transportation:
* Car – Traffic drives on the right and the area has a good network of all weather roads within the cities. A 4×4 will be needed otherwise, but take note that there tends to be a fuel shortage outside of the cities. A valid International Driver’s License is needed.
* Bus and Taxi – Buses are available but tend to take longer as they wait for enough travelers for a safety convoy. Taxis are available in the capital and are marked with blue and white markings. Shared taxis are available at less cost. All taxi prices should be negotiated.

Flights to Ethiopia / How to Get There

Ethiopian Airlines offers direct flights from London to the airport in Addis Ababa. The Dire Dawa International Airport accepts smaller flights from mostly Arab nations. Find cheap flights to Ethiopia and more flights here.

There is railway service that runs between Djibouti and Addis Ababa; the service is jointly maintained by both governments.

Hotels in Ethiopia & Where to Stay

You can find camping, hotels, and more in Ethiopa. Find the best prices for hotels in Ethiopia, and other cheap hotels here.

Ethiopia is not just for anyone, however if you want to visit an area that is famous for its historical significance to our world then you should take a trip.