Travel Kenya

Kenya is known for it’s amazing safari adventures, but many parts of this lovely African country are still safe and exciting for travelers. Located in Eastern Africa, Kenya is a still developing country that contains a harsh climate, but beautiful nature scenes for those who wish to explore savannah type areas.

Kenya travel tips & advice

With some of the finest parks, Kenya has a lot to offer the explorer type tourist that doesn’t mind leaving the comforts of a hotel to learn about the land. Mount Kenya National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Nairobi National Park are just a few of the thirteen national parks you can tour. From elephants to giraffes and lions, you can often find animals in the natural habitats and capture these moments during safaris and local tours. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see the wildebeest migration which takes place once a year.

Getting some sun is a part of the fun in Kenya with long stretches of beaches ‘ Watamu Beach, for example. Some of the major cities in Kenya include Nairobi and Mombasa. While it seems like the country doesn’t offer much, the scenery is hard to find anywhere else.

Flights to Kenya / How to Get There

Traveling into Kenya directly can land you in one of three major airports: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), Eldoret International Airport and Moi International Airport. Of course, there aren’t many flights into the smaller airports, so you might need to drive, take a train, or ride a bus to get into the country from surrounding countries. You can find flights to Kenya here.

Hotels in Kenya & Where to Stay

Once you arrive in Kenya, you will notice that this is a largely underdeveloped land. But that does not mean there aren’t beach resorts for you to make reservations at. Also widely available are hostels which offer sparser accommodations for around 30USD per night. You can book hotels in Kenya here.

Nairobi, Kenya Travel Advice

As the largest city in Kenya, Nairobi has been through more turmoil than many other similar areas in the region. In the early 1900s, a plague forced the city to be burned to the ground in order to be rebuilt. Having to work so hard as establishing itself has created a thriving city that is ... Read more Nairobi, Kenya Travel Advice

African Safaris in Kenya

What to Expect on a Kenyan Safari While going on a safari conjures up images of dusty vehicles and plenty of animals to take pictures of, this is not the way it has to be. Of course, you can find many a dusty and rugged trip to sign up for, but when it comes to modern ... Read more African Safaris in Kenya