Travel Morocco

Flag of Morocco

Morocco is situated on the North African coastline with borders on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal country also borders on the Sahara Desert as well as Algeria. With so many different influences surrounding it, it’s no wonder that Morocco is such a diverse area for tourists to travel to. While thought of as a little unsafe, by simply keeping aware of your surroundings, you can have a problem free trip.

Morocco travel tips & advice

For a unique travel experience, you might want to forgo the traditional tours and try La Maison Arabe Cooking workshops or head to Majorelle Garden (also known as Jardin Majorelle). Other sights to see include Jemaa el Fna, Hassan II Mosque, and Toubkal. Or you can simply visit one of the many beaches to relax in the hot sun and get a tan.

Flights to Morocco / How to Get There

Getting into Morocco is generally achieved by flying into Casablanca Mohammed V Airport via numerous other cities in Europe and Africa. Sometimes, you can also get a charter flight into Agadir, but this is a seasonal schedule. Flights to Marrakesh, Fes and other major cities are options from mainland Europe. You might also want to take a ferry from Spain at Algeciras or Tarifa. You will arrive in Tangiers in less than in hour in most cases. You can drive, take a bus or a train or hail a taxi to get to other cities. Find flights to Morocco here.

Hotels in Morocco & Where to Stay

The many beachfront hotels and resorts in Morocco are the main attraction of high rollers in the country, but the many hostels in the region allow for the everyday traveler to get the Moroccan experience for far less money. In fact, many of the hostels offer rates as low as 15USD a night. Book hotels in Morocco here.