Travel Niger

Niger is a nice vacation destination for those who want to discover new paths and seek adventure.

Niger travel tips & advice

Niger is an arid landlocked country in West Africa. Niamey is its capital while Algeria, Mali, Burkina, Faso, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, and Libya are its neighbors. This former French Colony was granted independence in 1960. The area is covered with mostly desert plains and the town of Koure is home to the last herd of giraffe in Western Africa.

A few things to remember before planning your trip to Niger would be:

  • Remember to drink lots of water. The country is so dry that you can dehydrate before you realize it. There is bottled water available and should be choice whenever possible, however the water in the cities is heavily chlorinated; wells may be dirty.
  • Be careful of dysentery. Make sure if you purchase food from a street vendor when it is fresh off of the grill and never ask for ice cubes because these tend to be made using unfiltered water.
  • Due to disease, avoid swimming in the native waterways. Only swim in chlorinated pools.

Flights to Niger / How to Get There

Find cheap airfare to Nigerhere. There are two international airports in Niger, one is in Niamey and the other is in Agadez. Air France is the only carrier that offers direct flights from outside of Africa. There are other carriers that have flights using connecting countries.

There are many who travel by car from surrounding countries, which is not a problem. But please note that while there are adventurous travelers eager to travel across the famed Sahara Desert, it is not a wise decision due to safety issues.

While in Niger, you can get around by renting a taxi, using the bus system, or driving a private car. There are taxis available but they tend to run on the expensive side; however you can try bargaining the price down. The government recently started the local bus system and it is considered to be very good. They do run at nighttime with a soldier so their passengers can travel in safety. Renting a car can be difficult and it is advised to contact a local touring company for further information.