Travel Rwanda

This once war torn country, Rwanda has united as a country and a people. It should be recognized for the beautiful country that it is and not what it used to be. Anyone wanting a different experience should travel to Rwanda.

Rwanda travel tips & advice

Rwanda is known as the “land of a thousand hills”. It is a lovely landlocked country in Central Africa with Kigali as its capital. Rwanda has a diverse natural beauty that includes:

  • Volcanic mountains
  • Forests
  • Lake Kivu and its gorgeous beaches
  • World famous mountain gorillas

The struggle to have peace has been a long and hard road but the people are starting to rebuild a life that has suffered years of genocide. A few tips to consider before planning are:

  • All visitors require valid passports but only a few European countries need to obtain a visa before entrance. It is always a good idea to contact your country’s embassy to confirm visa policies, so that there is not a delay upon arrival.
  • The standard vaccinations for foreign travel should adhere, plus precautions should be taken for exposure to malaria and AIDS.
  • Tourists are advised to bring their own supply of bottled water, food, and vitamins. Clean water is scarce and should be boiled when needed.

If a traveler wishes to enter via roadway then they need to use the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, or Uganda. Please note that it can be very dangerous to travel by roadway, due to the political unrest that may still exist.

Once in Rwanda, then you can use one of the many minibuses or government cars that are available. There are taxis available in Kigali and other larger towns.

Flights to Rwanda / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Rwanda here. Rwandair Express is the national airline carrier and is based out of the airport in Kigali. There are other carriers that service the area from other countries.

Hotels in Rwanda & Where to Stay

Find the < ahref="">best prices for hotels in Rwanda. Most of the hotels are in Kigali, but you will find that they can be more expensive then other places. There are guesthouses, missions with dormitories, or cheaper hotels in the rural communities. Camping is only available with a safari group.

Rwanda has overcome so much as a country. The hope is that tourism does increase and people are able to see beyond the previous country. Hopefully the newfound harmony will only increase and this nation will finally be the tourist destination it deserves to be.