Travel Senegal

Senegal is the place to be when traveling through Africa. It is filled with exciting venues all around; the music, the food, and the friendly atmosphere are calling all those tourists who are looking for adventure.

Senegal travel tips & advice

Senegal is located in Western Africa and its capital is Dakar. This French speaking country is home to many long sandy-white beaches, a hip music scene, wildlife, and more. After gaining its independence from France in 1960, Senegal has proven itself to be a model democratic society. A passport is required but most countries do not need to obtain a travel visa before entering; however proof of return ticket is needed. Tourists should be up to date with all of their vaccinations and be aware to drink only bottled water. All water for brushing teeth, bathing, and cooking should be boiled prior to use. Also, make sure that when eating meat and vegetables they have been freshly prepared and are still hot.

Sailing may be a fun way to get to Senegal, an adventure all on its own, and a wonderful way to see that area of the world. There are regular sailing excursions that leave from the Canary Islands, France, and Morocco, Spain, South America, and Western African ports.

A network of buses and taxis cross the borders and both are considered a good way to travel.

Flights to Senegal / How to Get There

The Leopold Sedar Senghor airport is located in Dakar. There are flights from London and New York that service the area. Other carriers will service the area from other countries. Find cheap flights to Senegal here.

Hotels in Senegal & Where to Stay

The government controlled tourism board has increased the availability of lodging possibilities. There are oceanfront hotels and upscale hotels that come at a price, but there are campements or guesthouses that are available for the budgeted traveler. It is important to note that the electricity is cut off at night, so it is advised to have a flashlight (torch) to navigate around.

Senegal is truly the place to be in West Africa. There are so many things to see and do that most travelers will agree that it is a destination fit for everyone. Find the best prices for hotels in Senegal.