Cape Town, South Africa Travel Advice

As the second biggest city in South Africa, Cape Town is also the southernmost city in the country. Also known as the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town boasts a thriving metropolis as well as access to the surrounding natural beauty. You can go to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or Two Oceans Aquarium if you’re looking for natural attractions.

Cape Town travel tips & advice

Historical attractions you should see are the Bo-Kaap neighborhood where the colours are bright and the mood light. The Castle of Good Hope is another must see ‘ and is known to locals as ‘The Castle.’ You can buy wine here or simply tour the castle to learn about the history. Robben Island is a fascinating tour that needs to be booked well in advance. This island was once used to house apartheid prisoners, including Nelson Mandela. And since some of the guides used to be held there too, they can offer unique observations into the area.

Flights to Cape Town / How to Get There

The easiest way to get into Cape Town is through Cape Town International Airport. You can also travel into the area via smaller surrounding airports in Johannesburg and Nairobi. But the easiest way to get around the town is via the train, though it’s not known for its safety.

Getting Around Johannesberg

MetroRail is a commuter train in the city and it is thought to be a safer method of getting from one place to another, though night time is still best avoided. You can also travel via car as the roads are simple to navigate, but with the risk of carjacking, you might want to talk to your hotel’s staff about what areas should be avoided. Buses are also available from the town’s centre.

Hotels in Cape Town & Where to Stay

Just as there is plenty to do in Cape Town, there are many hotels to choose from: Derwent House Boutique Hotel, Cape Heritage Hotel, and An African Villa are quite popular. For those who want the hostel experience, Cape Town Backpackers, Carnival Court, and Long Street Backpackers are strong choices. Cape Town Motels and other Cape Town Hotels are a popular choice.