Travel Tanzania

Africa is always a great travel choice for those who enjoy adventure. Tanzania offers just that and more.

Tanzania travel tips & advice

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique borders this large country. The capital was moved from Dar es Salaam to Dodma in 1973.

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest point. It is also the world’s highest freestanding mountain. The experienced climber can climb this giant. Arrangements should be made prior to travel.

A visa is required to enter and can be obtained when landing in Dar es Salaam or Kilimanjaro, but it is not advised. So there are no delays with your travel plans, it is best to contact your embassy and seek help with the visa process. Regulations can change dependent of time and country, and the embassy can be a great source of information.

Car use is not recommended, especially in the outer regions of the cities. The road conditions can be treacherous; theft and regular driving differences can make for a stressful situation. However, inside the cities, minus Dar es Salaam, driving can be okay. It is wise to take precautions and read up on the driving practices that are common for that area.

Flights to Tanzania / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Tanzania here. There are two airports that service Tanzania. Julius Nyerere International Airport, in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro International Airport in Kilimanjaro. There are international flights that are serviced by Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Hotels in Tanzania & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Tanzania here. There are several lodging options and each comes with its own price. A handy tip to keep in mind would be that if you are traveling with someone, have him or her watch your luggage or packages before you arrange for a room. It is known that you will receive a better room rate without luggage. It is a common practice that some hotels may add a few dollars for their commission.

Tanzania is a great country to visit. A traveler can find many adventures to pick from or even design a custom adventure. A little preplanning can make for less stress while traveling to this area, but even if you are a traveler who likes to take things as they come then take the general precautions that would be needed to travel to any foreign area.