Discover the Best Hostels In Delhi For Canadians

best hostels in DelhiDelhi, India has much to offer tourists and visitors. English speaking Canadians will find that no matter where they go in Delhi, they are certain to find English spoken by many residents of this city. Fortunately, it is also possible for French-speaking Canadians to find other French speakers in Delhi.

Finding the Best Hostels in Delhi

Visitors who wish to find the best hostels in Delhi can choose from many attractive and clean hostels that service the needs of travelers at a low price.

Kuldeep Friends Hostel

This is a very reasonably priced hostel in Delhi that features friendly staff who speak English very well. They offer television, telephone, and internet service with round-the-clock check out times. This is a clean hostel located within a short walk of the railway station downtown.


Holy Cow Hostel

This hostel is located in the southern part of Delhi. It offers free breakfast and free dinner. There are many interesting tourist attractions and entertainment venues nearby within walking distance of this hostel. The staff is very friendly and helpful but some reviewers have claimed this hostel needs to be updated.

Smyle Inn

This hostel gets good marks for offering value for the money from those who have stayed here. It is in a great location near the city center and close to the railway station. The rooms are small but clean and the staff is helpful.

Siddharth Guest House

This hostel is located near the railway station in a quiet neighborhood. The rooms are about average but the price is very low for those who are budget conscious.

The Hotel Namaskar

This hostel is very reasonably priced and is located near the downtown area. They offer air-conditioning, internet access, and 24-hour check in.

Wood Castle

This hostel is rated as very friendly and very clean by those who have used it. The main problem is that it is apparently quite difficult to find by taxi drivers. The price is more costly than many hostels in the area but most visitors to the Wood Castle found the price was worth paying to get clean, attractive rooms and good service.

Bed and Chai

This attractive hostel in a posh area of Delhi is run by two French women. This makes it an ideal home away from home for French-speaking Canadians visiting India. The rooms are more costly than most budget-priced hostels.


Hostel Le Alfanso

This hostel is higher in price than most hostels but it offers more comfortable and attractive rooms. It is conveniently located in the downtown area near many attractions.

International House – Women Hostel

This hostel is only for girls and women. It offers budget priced rooms that are conveniently located with cable television, Wi-Fi, and fan.

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