The Best Hostels in Hong Kong for Travelling Canadians

What are the best hostels in Hong Kong for Canadians who wish to visit? The people who know best are other Canadians who have been to the country and stayed at a selection of hostels. Canuck Abroad offers tips about booking accommodations in Hong Kong as well offer addition immigration services for those looking to travel, study and work abroad.

What the Top Hostels Have in Common

What does a good hostel have but a bad one does not? Often the line is a fine one. Accommodation might be great during one person’s visit, not so good in the eyes of another guest. Also, every person’s needs and expectations are different. The law of averages will help you out, though. Overall, Canadians will look for:

  • Comfort
  • Hot running water
  • Clean facilities
  • Other Canadians
  • Economy


If your priority is cost, then you might be willing to sacrifice cleanliness and come prepared with baby wipes to clean down door knobs, etc. If you prefer a clean location that is not too noisy, perhaps you will pay a bit more for the privilege and enjoy a bit of style thrown in. Pictures of hostels in Hong Kong depict some fashionable places.

When choosing the best hostels in Hong Kong, one would probably compromise: the price should be good, while cleanliness should at least be reasonable. Noise is another factor to consider, but often this has more to do with location than the hostel inhabitants.

Then again, if you research hostels from a website for Canadian travelers, you will soon see that some locations automatically attract people of a certain age with a particular goal in mind. Perhaps they are drinkers or partiers. Maybe they like to shop, or globe-hopping parents have brought toddlers.

Language Barrier

Although Canadians are notoriously unilingual (though officially bilingual), there are a number of second- and third-generation men and women from Chinese-Canadian homes who can converse with the staff members of a hostel in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is becoming multilingual, and English is a popular language here. Communication might not be a problem.

On the other hand, it is worth making sure you will be understood and will understand what everyone else around you is saying. Someone could be saying ‘look behind you’ just as a light-fingered fellow guest steals your wallet. Use the Canucks Abroad website to find a translator or a traveling partner who speaks Cantonese.


Traveling Partners

It is never advisable to travel alone, especially if you are female. This applies to anywhere you visit. Use a travelers’ forum for Canadians to locate like-minded people with the same priorities as yours. This way, if your family or friends are unwilling to join your adventure, you can still stay safe.