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Summing up the People’s Republic of China is rather like trying to sum up all of Europe in a sentence ‘ the country is so vast that it would be impossible to see it all in one visit. Looking for adventure, or a spiritual getaway, or a study in contrasts between urban and ancient? Tourists can find all that and more in this ever changing country.

China travel tips & advice

Many tourists tend to stick close to the larger cities of Shanghai or the country’s capital, Beijing. Here, the balance between modern and ancient history is most evident, especially in Beijing where the Forbidden City stands in clear contrast to the recent revitalization of the capital in preparation of the city’s recent hosting of the Olympic Games. Where else can you visit landmarks dating back millennia and then hit up the chicest restaurants and nightclubs in the same day?

But those seeking adventure or enlightenment will not be disappointed with China, either. Adventure seekers will find a completely different China by visiting the northwestern provinces, where influences from nearby Russia to the north and Islamic countries to the south make for a fascinating mix. The beautiful scenery of the west, including the controversial yet much loved Tibet, will make for a restful and spiritual journey for other travelers.

Getting around within the country is as simple as choosing a preferred method. Domestic flights are available but be sure to remember that airport taxes are common. The train system is quite extensive, branching out into every province and moves relatively quickly. Even those on a budget will find freedom through long distance bus travel, which is cheap if not crowded.

Flights to China / How to Get There

Most travelers arrive in China through the major airports located in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. However, other methods of travel, such as the Trans-Siberian Railroad, can become a part of the adventure for those that are interested in arriving by land from Europe. Book flights to China here.

Hotels in China & Where to Stay

Thanks to the increasing popularity of China as a tourist destination, accommodation is available for every budget. From five star hotels to hostels, China’s accommodation options don’t disappoint. You can find a range of hotels in China here.

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