Macau, China Travel Advice

Macau is a beautiful city in China, where much like it’s neighbour, Hong Kong, east and west combine to make a unique travel experience

Macau travel tips & advice

Macau is sort of like Las Vegas, sort of like Hong Kong, and sort of like a small Portuguese fishing village. All the big name Vegas casinos are making Macau versions trying to cash in on the Asian gambling business. The city of Macau itself is very easy to get around, and you can cover most of it on foot.

While there, don’t forget to try all the local pastries and food – the Portuguese influence is very evident. Most people speak English though, rather than Portuguese, and you shouldn’t have any trouble communicating or finding your way around town.

Flights to Macau / How to Get There

Macau is really easy to get to. You can get on a Hydrofoil directly from the Hong Kong airport and be in Macau in about an hour’s time. You can also take the hydrofoils from Hong Kong’s pier, with sailings pretty much every hour, and even all through the night!

Hotels in Macau & Where to Stay

There is no shortage of places to stay in Macau – As mentioned, many of the Vegas casinos have opened up mega-resorts with thousands of rooms. When you arrive in Macau many of these hotels offer steeply discounted rooms for last minute reservations, especially during weekdays.