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Hong Kong is a feast for all five senses. Often thought of as an ultra-modern urban city, this lively outpost of the People’s Republic of China is well renowned for its terrific shopping, amazing varieties of cuisines from the traditional to the fanciful, and never ending nightlife. Hong Kong is truly where East and West collide.

Hong Kong travel tips & advice

However, Hong Kong is more than just an urbanite’s paradise. While many think of this city centre, called Kowloon, as all Hong Kong has to offer, there are in fact three other districts to explore that will take visitors far from the bright lights of the big city. Victoria Peak, located on Hong Kong Island, is the highest point in Hong Kong and offers impressive views of the sea and city. The Outlying Islands offer beaches that stretch for miles and can be an excellent way to relax during your stay. Hong Kong’s famous ferries offer another view of the city while allowing tourists to travel in comfort.

Hong Kong remains one of the most accessible cities in China for Western visitors thanks to a population that largely speaks English. Combined with the city’s eagerness to please and impress, travelers will come away from Hong Kong feeling satisfied, whether they came looking for action or relaxation.

The railway systems make getting around Hong Kong’s districts easier, and the bus system is the best way to visit certain parts of the city. However, the ferries are very often not only the fastest way to get around town, but they are usually the cheapest.

Flights to Hong Kong / How to Get There

Hong Kong is considered to be the main gateway to China and is easily accessible by air from all major airports in the world. If traveling over land is preferred, the only way in is by train from mainland China. Flights to Hong Kong are often easy to find, and cheap, because Hong Kong is one of Asia’s busiest airports. Getting around Hong Kong is as easy as choosing a preferred method of travel! Visitors should make an effort to see the city on foot in order to witness the world’s longest escalator. Find cheap flights to Hong Kong here.

Hotels in Hong Kong & Where to Stay

Finding a hotel in Hong Kong should be the least of any visitor’s worries! There are so many choices that many tourists are left staggered. Unfortunately, Hong Kong’s hotels rank among the most expensive in China. Those looking for a five star experience will have no problems finding what they’re looking for in central Kowloon, and mid-range hotels, such as the Shamrock Hotel and the Nathan Hotel, can also be found in the urban area.

Those looking for a more affordable stay will need to research hotels away from the city centre. For the traveler on a budget, both hostels and bed and breakfasts can be found for reasonable prices. The best place to research for these is the area of Causeway Bay. You can book hotels in Hong Kong here.