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India is certainly a country of extremes – deserts, mountain ranges, and oceans make up just a part of its topography. Travelers can find adventure, sightseeing, discovering new cultures and explore their spirituality in this diverse, thriving country. In a country where atomic energy coexists with temple elephants, visitors will be constantly surprised by India’s juxtaposition of ancient and modern.

India travel tips & advice

Even India’s regions are diverse in and of themselves. In Northern India, one can find the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, holy Hindu pilgrimage sites, medieval palaces and the vestiges of a desert nomadic culture. Southern India is surrounded by three oceans and its tropical climate couldn’t be farther from that of its northern neighbor. Here, much can still be traced back to the sixth century, including the architecture, religion, lifestyle and handicrafts.

Eastern India is home to the fertile Ganga delta and where the Buddha preached. This region saw India’s first steps into industrialization, but even today the contrast between traditional living and modern industry is evident. Finally, Western India offers more strong contrasts, from the shores that were a part of the Arab’s trading route to Shah, where Mahhatma Gandhi spent many years. No matter what visitors are looking for in their vacation, they are sure to find it here in India.

The Indian Railways system has been best described as an ‘interesting’ experience and is best approached with patience, while newcomers will want to try to pick up the etiquette quickly so as to avoid frustration. Buses and hired cars are also available

Flights to India / How to Get There

There are a number of international airports in India, including Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, and Madras. There are another four airports available for those with more remote destinations, but they service far fewer flights that the four major airports. For long distance travel within India there is a large network of flights which have recently become more affordable thanks to deregulation. For flights to India click here.

Hotels in India & Where to Stay

India provides both the highest luxury and the bare minimum, so travelers will really face a wide range of choices for their accommodations. Those that seek out five star accommodations should budget as though they are traveling in style back home, but those that choose even mid-ranged hotels, eat well and hire cars will only spend approximately $40 per day. Click here for hotels in India.

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Delhi, India Travel Advice

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