Delhi, India Travel Advice

Delhi serves as another strong example of India’s juxtaposition of ancient culture and modern technology. Archeologists have discovered that there have been habitants in the same area since the third century BC, and yet the city serves as India’s capital.

Delhi travel tips & advice

The town has been called Delhi since medieval times, when a township on the present day city’s southwestern border took the name. Today the town is divided as Old Delhi and New Delhi, and there are plenty of fascinating things to visit in both parts of town.

Discovering Delhi is as simple as taking a walk through history. Old Delhi served as the capital of Muslim India between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, and today the mosques, monuments and forts bear witness to that time.
New Delhi was designated the capital during the country’s time as a colony of Britain, and several important landmarks from that time still exist, and have indeed been incorporated by the present day Republic of India, such as the Rajpath, or ceremonial boulevard, and the India Gate, which serves as the war memorial of India.

Visitors can also pay homage to India’s best recognized freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi, by visiting the Gandhi National Museum or The Ghats, where Gandhi and other important freedom fighters were cremated.

Flights to Delhi / How to Get There

Naturally, as Delhi is India’s capital, it also serves as an important international hub, with every major airline providing service from most major cities around the world.

Getting Around Delhi

As for getting around the city, Delhi is quite spread out so exploring on foot is not necessarily recommended. While the bus system is not expensive, it has a tendency to be overcrowded. Taxis are a good bet, but be prepared to negotiate before setting off. Motorcycle rickshaws are not a bad choice during busy hours and they also have set prices and routes.

Hotels in Delhi & Where to Stay

Like any other major city, a wide range of accommodations are available for every kind of traveller, and prices will correspond with major cities in the west. Plenty of five star hotels are available, though mid-ranged hotels may be more difficult to find and should be booked well in advance. Youth hostels are also available for those younger travellers on a budget.