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Flag of Indonesia

Made up of over seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago state. However, this Southeast Asian country is more than just beach resorts. Indonesia offers something for everyone, whether it’s adventure, urban delights, or relaxation they’re looking for. However, Indonesia is perhaps best known for its island paradise, Bali.

Indonesia travel tips & advice

Here, visitors can not only lounge on perfect beaches, but they can experience high end accommodations, shopping, surfing, and discovering temples. Less crowded and full of adventure, Bali’s neighbor to the east, Lombok, offers a quieter beach experience, as well as adventure in the form of Mount Rinjani, the third highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia. Visitors can experience this national park, along with Lake Segara Anak, the volcano’s sacred crater lake. The other end of the spectrum, the capital city of Jakarta, is a bustling urban center with an exciting nightlife and plenty of things to see. Be sure not to miss the Jakarta History Museum, Ragunan Zoo, or the Shadow Puppet Museum.

Those with a love for sightseeing and history won’t want to miss the city of Yogykarta, located on the island of Java. Most popular because of its close proximity to an impressive number of temples, the city itself offers the Sultan’s Palace, a feast for the eyes and senses.

Flights to Indonesia / How to Get There

International travelers will have the option of flying into Jakarta or Bali. While more airlines fly into Jakarta, the traffic into Bali is nearly as high, thanks to its standing as the tourist capital of the country. Getting around the country is inexpensive but in some cases can be dangerous. Domestic flights are available throughout the island to major destinations for affordable prices. Find cheap flights to Indonesia here.

Hotels in Indonesia & Where to Stay

Indonesia offers a wide range of accommodations that will be suitable for every traveler. Famous for its beach resorts, budget travelers can also find lodgings through budget hotels and even homestays. Luckily, even the least expensive accommodations are known for being well kept and clean. Find discounted hotels in Indonesia here.