Bali, Indonesia Travel Advice

Bali is, without a doubt, the number one tourist attraction in the archipelago country of Indonesia. Famed for its outstanding beaches, visitors today are surprised to find that Bali is much more than just a glorified beach resort. Travelers can truly find a wide variety of amusements and adventures to choose from, proving that there really is something for everyone in this island paradise.

Bali travel tips & advice

Nature lovers and adventures will have no shortage of things to do on Bali, as just some of the activities available include nature walks, surfing, diving, horseback riding, bungee jumping and even white water rafting. Those with a love of all things floral won’t want to miss the Bali Orchid Garden, where orchids grow exceedingly well in the fertile, volcanic soil.

Sightseers won’t be disappointed either, with a trek to Gunung Kawi, one of the largest ancient monuments found on Bali. The Museum Le Mayeur commemorates the Belgian artist who arrived on the island in 1932, and his paintings, done during his world travels. Those with an interest in Bali’s spiritual side won’t want to miss the Hindu-Buddhist temple Pura Ulun Dan Bratan, founded in the seventeenth century, or the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which is home to three temples.

Flights to Bali / How to Get There

The vast majority of visitors arrive by air through international airports on Bali or in Jakarta, the country’s capital. Getting around the island is usually done through cheap buses. Most tourist centres offer shuttles that are a bit more expensive, but are generally more reliable, convenient, and comfortable.

Hotels in Bali & Where to Stay

Thanks to its popularity, there are plenty of different types of accommodations for all budgets on Bali. Famous luxury resorts include Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and the Club Mediterran’e. Smaller, cottage style lodgings are also available that in many cases are comparable to major hotels.

Guest houses, sometimes in the form of charming bungalows, are often priced on the lower end of the scale. Homestays are the least expensive route, but even these are usually well kept and very clean. Thanks to Bali’s famous stature and hospitality, visitors will truly have to work hard to find accommodations that are not clean and well kept.