Travel North Korea

Flag of North-korea

Though there’s no question that those who choose to travel to North Korea are on the adventurous side, there are many beautiful sights and sounds for those who visit this tumultuous region of the world. Fewer than 2000 Westerners visit North Korea each year, so the region is not accustomed to tourism. Be certain to check for travel alerts before your actual departure.

North Korea travel tips & advice

You’ll be met by a guide when you enter the country, and this guide will hold your passport while you’re in the country. This is normal, and your passport will be safe. Expect far less freedom to wander around than you’re used to when traveling here.

North Korea has been ruled under an oppressive hereditary dynasty for many years, giving few freedoms to its citizens. To say that the country is wary of Westerners is an understatement, so any travel must be undertaken with extreme caution.

Pyongyang is the capital and is most likely where you’d enter the country. The architecture is stark and reminiscent of the Soviet era. But, there are a few monuments to the Kim dynasty that are worth a visit.

You’ll certainly want to travel to Paekdusan, which is Korea’s highest peak. It is considered a sacred mountain, and offers a beautiful crater lake. Many consider it to be the most beautiful place in Korea.

Kumgangsen is also worth a visit. This location in the Diamond Mountains is peaceful and beautiful.

Flights to North Korea / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to North Korea and more cheap flights here. Westerners traveling to North Korea will need to enter to Pyongyang via Beijing. All other routes are virtually impossible at this time. Air Koryo is the official national airline. They fly to Beijing, Vladivostok, Russia and and Shenyang, China. However, since Westerners will most likely have to pick their visas up in Beijing, this is the most logical route. Donít take pictures in the airport or train station. In fact, be certain you know all the rules surrounding picture taking before you start snapping.

Hotels in North Korea & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in North Korea, and other cheap hotels here. There are several large hotels in Pyongyang, but accommodations are more limited in other parts of the country, simply because there are so few tourists. Your required guide can be very helpful in sorting out your accommodations. Just don’t expect large chains or lots of amenities outside of Pyongyang.