Travel South Korea

Flag of South-korea

South Korea is one of Asia’s fastest moving countries. South Koreans pride themselves on being technologically advanced and they live life at warp speed. The scenery in South Korea is breathtaking and visitors will find plenty to keep them busy.

South Korea travel tips & advice

Seoul is far and away the most popular place to visit in South Korea. Seoul is a vibrant city that prides itself on its fashion, its technology and its ability to reinvent itself. You’ll find plenty of museums, traditional Korean barbecue restaurants and cultural activities to keep you busy. Take in one of the many festivals to get a real feel for Korean culture, and don’t forget to visit the neighborhood of hanoks. These traditional one story houses with tiled roofs are one of the few remnants of old Korean culture that hasn’t been replaced with high rises in Seoul.

When you’re ready to venture outside of Seoul, head out to Gyeongju, an ancient city where you’ll find palace ruins, pagodas and plenty of statuary and gardens for wandering. This city, unlike Seoul, captures the feeling of old Korea.

Another great place to visit is Seoraksan National Park. This park, with its rock formations, temples, mountains and forests is one of the most beautiful parts of the Korean peninsula. You’ll see lots of wildlife and have the chance to visit a Korean hot springs in the park.

Flights to South Korea / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to South Korea and more cheap flights here. Most international flights come in and out of Incheon Airport, which is about an hour from Seoul. Korea’s primary airlines are Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. However, Seoul is served by many other airlines from other countries. Unlike their neighbors to the north, South Korea is open to foreign travelers, and in most cases, you will not even need a visa.

Hotels in South Korea & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in South Korea, and other cheap hotels here. South Korea is full of accommodations. In Seoul, they are mostly in the form of large high rise hotels. In other parts of the country, you’ll find large hotels mixed in with smaller, locally owned hotels and guesthouses. However, in all areas of the country there are small hostel accommodations that specialize in hosting the budget traveler.