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There are ample reasons that Thailand is the most popular destination in Southeast Asia: their famous hospitality, amazing cuisine, picturesque ancient palaces, and breathtaking scenery name just a few. Every sort of traveler can find their preferred kind of vacation, and those with an eye for adventure can even mix it up, thanks to the ease and affordability of moving around the country.

Thailand travel tips & advice

Bangkok is the gateway to this country and home to the royal family, which is revered and much loved by its citizens. After sampling the urban delights of Thailand’s capital city, experience the country’s famed beaches along the southern shore. Southern highlights include Nakhon Si Thammarat, the cultural center of the southern region, Ko Tarutao National Marine Park, which can be accessed by boat from Satun, or one of Thailand’s more important rainforests, Khao Sok National Park.

The northern regions often attract those with a love of hiking or wish to participate in Eco-touring, but travelers don’t have to be eco-warriors to experience the beauty and history of this fascinating region. Chiang Mai offers temples for wandering, jungle trekking and visiting hill tribes can be done in the northernmost region of Chiang Rai, or visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sukhothai Historical Park in Sukhothai.

Buses are faster, air conditioned and affordable, but travelers should be aware that there are higher incidences of theft with this mode of transportation. Domestic flights within the country are another viable option thanks to airline deregulation.

Flights to Thailand / How to Get There

Most visitors arrive in the Thailand by air to the international airport in Bangkok. You can find flights to Thailand and other flights to Asia here. Though flying to Thailand will definitely take up the bulk of most travelers’ budgets, the good news is that moving around the country is very affordable and there are several options. The train system is inexpensive and a great way to see the country, but they are not the fastest mode of travel for those with a limited time frame.

Hotels in Thailand & Where to Stay

Thailand offers a wide variety of accommodations that will be suitable for every type of traveler. Book hotels in Thailand here. From modern, western-style hotels in the country’s capital to beach resorts in the south to inexpensive hotels in most major cities, even those traveling on a budget will be able to find a place to rest their heads between exploring temples, palaces, and shopping.