Bangkok, Thailand Travel Advice

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, but it is more than just the centre of the country’s government. Bangkok also serves as Thailand’s commercial, educational, and cultural centre. Unlike other Asian countries, Thailand was never colonized by the West, which means this fascinating country has retained much of its unique traditions and heritage, while Bangkok has combined this ancient culture with modern urbanism. This has resulted in a cosmopolitan town where traces of its past can still be easily found by interested travellers.

Bangkok travel tips & advice

Those with a love for history and sightseeing will be fascinated by the city’s 400 Buddhist temples scattered around the city. Those with an interest in the royal family will enjoy visits to the Grand Palace, Vimanmek Palace, and the Royal Barge National Museum. The National Museum offers a glimpse into Thailand’s past, while Queen Sirikit Park is an oasis of calm and tranquility in the middle of a bustling urban city.

Bangkok is also renowned for its exciting nightlife, markets and bazaars (where travellers shouldn’t be afraid to haggle for the best price!) and cuisine. Truly, there is something for everyone in this jewel of Southeast Asia.

Flights to Bangkok / How to Get There

Today, Bangkok is a major international hub for travellers to Southeast Asia, so flights are available from most major airports around the world. You can find flights from Canada for very reasonable prices during the high season, and also fly from Europe to Bangkok

Getting Around Bangkok

There are quite a lot of options for getting around the city, but it may take new arrivals a little while to get accustomed to them, as they can be a little confusing. The fastest options are the elevated train system and the underground train system. These are both user friendly and free maps are available. Those that want to sightsee as they move around town will enjoy the water taxis, which are inexpensive and convenient. Taxis are also affordable, though travellers may wish to carry a card from their hotel as their driver may not speak English. Hotels in Bangkok & Where to StayLike most major metropolitan cities, there is a hotel for everyone in Bangkok. Five star hotels and spas, such as the Four Seasons Hotel, will go for over $200 a night, while mid-ranged hotels are plentiful and budget hotels can be had for $20 a night. Youth hostels are also available for young visitors on a budget.