The Best Hostels in Costa Rica for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in Costa RicaThe lush wonders of Costa Rica’s rainforests and jungles can seem like an alien land to Canadians more accustomed to heavy snowfall and short daylight.  Finding the best hostels in Costa Rica for Canadian tourists makes any voyage easier by easing up on the money needed for lodging, allowing you to use it for great meals or adventures into the country.

Finding Hostels in Costa Rica

Canadians can get more info on their Costa Rica vacation, including activities and ways to save money, from Here are some outstanding hostels you may want to check out:


By The Numbers

Hostel 156 is consistently rated as one of the best places to stay in all of San Jose, near the downtown museums and parks of the nation’s capital.  This six-bedroom hostel offers the choice of either a private room with a bathroom or dorm-style accommodation for larger groups.

Ranked at nearly one hundred percent from its reviewers, this hostel is clean, affordable, and boasts a staff that all speak English.  Once your adventures are done for the day you can kick back in the hammock or play Ping-Pong in the recreation room.  At twelve dollars (US) per night, moreover, it is quite easy on the wallet.

Park at the Park House

Marketed as “an oasis in the city”, the Hostel Casa del Parque in San Jose is located amongst some of the oldest buildings and houses in the entire country.  A family-owned venture, this hostel prides itself on hospitality towards strangers and providing visitors with a home experience.  The soaring ceilings (complete with chandelier lighting) contrast the indoor gardens.

Located in Barrio California, the trendiest district of San Jose (with more restaurants and bars than any other location), this is a pick for anyone who wants to feel the pulse of the city.  Boasting Wi-Fi as well as advice for going about town, the Casa del Parque is not only a smart stay but a cheap one, starting at eight dollars per night.

Go Green

Sitting on the foot of the Arenal Volcano, the Cerro Chato Eco Lodge in La Fortuna gives proximity to activities along the nearby volcano and rainforest, including

  • the Baldi hot springs
  • horseback rides
  • mountain biking
  • bird watching
  • boat trips across the Arenal Lake
  • spelunking in the Venado Caves

For the outdoorsy type, the Eco Lodge is second to none.  At twenty-one dollars per night, however, it is much pricier than some other lodgings.


Listen to the Falls

On the road to the La Fortuna waterfall, you are sure to come across Cainas la Caterata.  Their terrace faces onto the river and falls, so that you can lie in one of their hammocks and hear the hammering of the water.  Swim or fish in the river, as it runs across the hostel property.  At ten dollars a night, you will not have to pay much for the privilege.