The Top Hostels in Europe for Travellling Canadians

Canadians have many options when it comes to finding the top hostels in Europe.  Many countries on the continent cater to those looking for inexpensive accommodations whether they are backpacking it or just in need of a place to stay for the night.

Finding Hostels in Europe

Of course, some careful planning can help in the search for the best hostels abroad.  A resource such as Canuck Abroad can help narrow down the search when looking for a good place to stay and furthermore aid in any immigration matters that you may encounter when planning a European trip.



For instance, in Finland you have options such as the five hostels available in Helsinki alone including the top rated Hotel Anna located in the center of lots of amenities including restaurants and boutiques.  Rooms also have Wi-Fi available, a sauna, small meeting room and a breakfast restaurant.

Hotel Anna costs around $50 a night, the same as Siniffik Inn located in the southern tip of Greenland in Qaqortaq.  Siniffik is unique in that it is located in a rather quaint and not so populous area of the country, so those looking to get away might enjoy it.


You can even find hostels in Iceland including the top rated Reykjavik Downtown Hostel.  In addition to free Wi-Fi and computer access, this hostel also includes a breakfast buffet, fully equipped kitchen and even a free movie night and music events.

Northern Europe

Of course, all the best hostels are not located in the north of the continent.  There are many options throughout the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.  In fact, there are a few hostels in Prague alone that cost less than $10.

A popular residence like The Madhouse Prague may cost around $15 to share a dorm and allows residence access to a fully equipped kitchen, lounge and TV room.  Of course, there is Wi-Fi and computer access as well as the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

Popular European Destinations

Highly visited cities such as Paris, France are not as cheap, but there are private rooms in top rated hostels like L’Hotel Particulier located near Seine.  At more than $50 a night, this hostel offers private bathrooms and kitchenettes in a studio apartment.


Southern Europe

Further south in Turkey, the Cheers Hostel in Istanbul costs less than $20 per night for a dorm.  Not only is there Wi-Fi access but also lots of opportunities to socialize and meet new people as well as visit nearby famous attractions within walking distance.

Some of the top hostels in Europe are also located in Italy like the popular Ostello Bello in Milan.  In addition to free Wi-Fi, there are also hammocks on the terrace along with free cultural events, Mediterranean breakfast, a traditional Italian style bar and barbecue.