Travel Belarus

A visit to Belarus will make you doubt that the Cold War ever ended. Years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Belarus is still ruled with by a dictator and still looks and feels like the old Soviet Union. However, it is easy to obtain a visa to Belarus, and the country is quite safe. For many, it is a great lesson in history to see remnants of the gone by Communist world.

Belarus travel tips & advice

In spite of the stark Soviet-era buildings, Minsk, the capital is still a chic and happening city. You’ll find great boutiques, restaurants and nightlife mixed right in with the austere architecture of days gone by.

For a more Westernized city, visit Brest, which is located on the border with Poland. You’ll find plenty of museums and culture here to keep you interested. The Brest Fortress is a wonderful World War II memorial.

When you’re ready to explore the countryside of Belarus, visit Pripyatsky National Park. This wildlife abundant park is home to swamps, which are fairly rare in this arid country. Or, pay a visit to the Belavezhskaja Puschka National Park, where you might see the endangered zoobr (European bison).
Keep in mind that Belarus is a very cold temperature country. Winters are especially harsh, though the snow laden streets are quite beautiful. July is the warmest month, with temperatures reaching 30?C.

Flights to Belarus / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Belarus and more cheap flights to Europe here. International flights come into the airport in Minsk. There are several airlines that serve Belarus. Their national airline is Belavia. Many people also travel into Belarus from Poland. If you’re traveling by car from Poland, expect long lines at the border crossing.

Hotels in Belarus & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Belarus, and other cheap hotels here. Most of the hotels in Belarus will be very reminiscent of the Soviet era, particularly in Minsk. Don’t expect beautiful rooms, a lot of amenities, or Western chains. Rooms will likely be fairly large, but furnishings shabby. Most of the larger hotels will offer a restaurant, but don’t expect great food. Better food can usually be found in the restaurants in town. You’ll find a few guesthouses and hostels, too. Prices will range wildly, and will not necessarily be reflective of the accommodations or amenities.