Travel Bosnia

While these days Bosnia may most be infamous for the bloody civil war which tore the country and the Balkans apart in the mid-90’s, today visitors will find welcoming people and beautiful historic cities like Sarajevo and Mostar.

Bosnia Travel Tips & Advice

Bosnia is easily accessed via Croatia and Serbia, and usually by bus. It’s a great way to see this country and you’re never far from reminders of their brutal civil war. Often you’ll see portraits on the side of the road of young men in uniform, large crosses erected near war memorials and cemeteries, and very often you’ll still find building riddle with bullet holes.

Sarajevo is set in a picturesque valley surrounded by hills and has a very typical Eastern European old-world feel about it. Something that sets Sarajevo apart is the number of religions represented – you’ll see Orthodox and Catholic cathedrals, Jewish synagogues and Islamic mosques throughout the city.

The scars of war are still very visible but so is the resolve of the people, visible through the reconstruction of historic buildings and housing projects popping up. You’ll still see plenty of UN vehicles driving around, but the situation is always improving.

Flights to Bosnia / How to get there

Most flights to Bosnia arrive in Sarajevo. Sarajevo is well connected by various European airlines to the rest of Europe and the World.

Hotels in Bosnia / Where to Stay

Sarajevo has several hotels to choose from, and there are many options for private accommodation in guest houses and hostels.