Travel Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of those former Iron Curtain countries shrouded in mystery. For years, travel was discouraged, and, even today, Bulgaria does not often come to mind as a vacation spot for Westerners. However those who do, will be well surprised.

Bulgaria travel tips & advice

But, Bulgaria has much to offer the traveler, particularly those who love the outdoors. Bulgaria’s beaches on the Black Sea are pristine, and there are beautiful bays and quiet coves for relaxation. In addition, Bulgaria’s Rila and Pirin mountains offer lush greenery and a wide variety of wildlife. If you’re into horseback riding, biking or hiking, the Bulgarian mountains do not disappoint. When visiting the Rila Mountains, don’t miss the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria’s largest and most important monastery, founded in AD 927. During the winter, Bansko offers great skiing, though it is also a bit of a party town.

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital is rich with history. There are lots of museums to explore, along with cobblestone streets lined with outdoor cafes. Travel to Plovdiv and see the stunning National Revival architecture as well as the Roman amphitheatres, still used today. Plovdiv has a wonderful old town, perfect for wandering and for people watching from an outdoor coffee house. Plovdiv offers nearly as many cultural adventures as Sofia, but with less traffic and fewer crowds.
Koprivshtitsa is a museum-village located between Sofia and Karlovo. The National Revival architecture here has been meticulously preserved. There are nearly 400 historically significant and preserved buildings here and plenty of museums, as well. You’ll also find tempting local cuisine in the small restaurants, and guesthouses located in some of the beautiful architectural buildings.

Flights to Bulgaria / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Bulgaria and more cheap flights to Europe here. The main international airport is in Sofia, and there are many flights from different originating points in Europe. Bulgaria Air is the national carrier, but many airlines serve Bulgaria today.

Hotels in Bulgaria & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Bulgaria, and other cheap hotels here. In larger cities, like Sofia, you’ll find large hotels and Westernized chains as well as small guesthouses and hostels. In some of the smaller towns, you’ll find mostly guesthouses. Many of these guesthouses are quite charming. Near the Black Sea, you’ll also find many cottages for rent. In addition, this area offers many traditional beach resort properties.