Travel Croatia

Flag of Croatia

Croatia has once again taken it’s place as one of the top tourist destinations in all of Europe. The beaches are beautiful, the mountains amazing, and the culture exciting. Whether checking out the old Roman palace in Split, or wandering the marble streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia is absolutely not to be missed.

Croatia Travel & Tourism Advice

While Croatia may have made all the wrong headlines in the 90’s during the breakup of Yugoslavia, modern Croatia has put that in the past. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is a beautiful old Eastern European city. However where Croatia really shines is along the Adriatic coast, in the shadow of the Dalmation mountains.

Traveling the coast by bus is easy, and using the Croatian ferry system to hop along to various cities like Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik, as well as the island of Hvar is one of the most breathtaking trips anywhere in the world.

The city of Splut, about half-way down the Croatian coastline is where you’ll find ancient Roman palaces and and old walled city. Dubrovnik, while shelled heavily in the 90’s is arguably the most beautiful city in the Croatia and much of Europe. Dubrovnik’s old town is nothing short of enchanting, with it’s marbled walls and stunning views of the sea.

Flights to Croatia

Croatia is well serviced by international airlines, as well many European budget airlines which operate heavily discounted flights and frequent weekend trips to cities like Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split.

Hotels in Croatia / Where to Stay

Croatia is very popular in the summer and reservations are strongly encouraged. If you arrive without a place to stay, look for the ‘sobe’ women. Often times older women will offer beds in their homes which is a great way to get a taste of ‘real’ Croatia. These women usually hold up signs saying “Sobe” or “Zimmer Frei” at bus stops and the ferry terminals.