Travel Denmark

Denmark is a wonderful country for the cosmopolitan traveler. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital is a beautiful city filled with museums, sights, shops and unbelievable food. Copenhagen’s restaurants are among the best in the world.

Denmark travel tips & advice

Take a canal and harbor tour in Copenhagen. (Don’t forget to snap a picture of the famous Little Mermaid statue.) Visit the fashion districts, called Norrebro and Vesterbro to find great designer duds and home goods. Be certain to take in some music. There is nearly always an opera playing. But, if you happen to be in town for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, you’re really in for a treat. You can also find plenty of nightclubs playing the electronic music that is so popular here.

When you’re ready to venture outside of Copenhagen, travel to Hillerod, the home of Denmark’s most famous castle, Fredericksborg Slot. This Dutch Renaissance masterpiece offers 70 rooms available for public viewing. You’ll see gilded walls, magnificent tapestries and impressive antiques. Outdoors, the setting is pretty magnificent too, as the castle is situated on several small islets on Lake Slots.

Another great spot in Denmark is Skagen, located at the northern tip of the country. This area has beautiful ocean views, great museums and cafes and a beautiful beach. This is a great place to pick up a treasure to take home, as there are lots of local arts and crafts galleries.

Another wonderful town for the urbanite is Arhus. This is a very cosmopolitan city, as well. It offers lots of museums and galleries, along with great food and a really great nightlife.

Flights to Denmark / How to Get There

Copenhagen International Airport is one of Europe’s largest hubs, making it easy to travel into Denmark from almost anywhere. The national airline is Scandinavian Airways, which is also the national carrier for Norway and Sweden. They have the most flights into and out of Copenhagen.

Hotels in Denmark & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Denmark, and other cheap hotels here. In Copenhagen, you’ll find a wide variety of accommodations, including 4 and 5 star hotels, along with smaller guesthouses. You’ll find Western chain hotels here, too. In smaller cities there will be plenty of hostels and guesthouses, with a few small apartments available for short term rental, as well.