Travel Estonia

Estonia is the smallest of the Baltic countries, but it is still a wonderful spot for a vacation. The scenery, with charming seaside towns and wonderful architecture is quite impressive.

Estonia travel tips & advice

First of all, you’ll definitely want to visit some of the many castles here. Kurassaare, in Saaremaa is a great choice. The castle is located on Estonia’s largest island, where there are quaint old villages complete with windmills mixed with lush green forests. The castle itself is magnificent and the town is also home to many health spas, featuring native healing coastal mud.

Another must see in Estonia is Parnu, Estonia’s premier beach resort. The beaches here are beautiful, but the town offers much to do, as well. There are plenty of museums, shops and a quaint old town to treat visitors when they’re ready to get out of the sun. There are also wonderful health resorts here, and there’s a bustling nightlife, too.

Estonia’s capital Tallinn, is a great place for the architecture lover. There are gorgeous old churches and plenty of art galleries to keep you busy. You’ll also find beautiful cobblestone streets paired with exciting modern restaurants and nightclubs.

Lahemaa National Park is also a must see, particularly if you’re a nature lover. There are beautiful green forests and coastal trails for hiking. This is Estonia’s largest national park, and nearly 70% of it is covered by forest or heath. There are 14 lakes and 4 waterfalls.

Flights to Estonia / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Estonia and more cheap flights to Europe here. The international airport is in Tallinn. The national carrier is Estonian Air, but the country is serviced by a couple of other airlines as well. You can fly into Tallinn from most European hubs, and airfare is fairly reasonable.

Hotels in Estonia & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Estonia, and other cheap hotels here. There are lots of guesthouses in Estonia, many of them offering very charming and intimate accommodations. In Tallinn, you’ll also find large and high end hotels. Kurassaare and Parnu are also home to lovely beach resorts. Near the National Park you’ll find hotels and guesthouses, as well as plenty of camping facilities. And of course, many of the health resorts and spas offer accommodations, too.