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The multi-faceted history of Germany has intrigued people for centuries. While the Prussian War and World War II put Germany in the center of the action, there are numerous other reasons to learn more about this country. After changing hands numerous times during the rule of the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, the architecture reflects the multiple personality of this region.

Germany travel tips & advice

From Hanover to Dusseldorf, Berlin to Dresden, Germany offers a variety of attractions and historical landmarks. Many musical composers like Mozart, Wagner, Bach, and Brahams were also born in Germany, adding to the cultural appeal of this destination. Kant, Marx, and Hesse are also some of the philosophers whose ideas began in Germany as well. You could head into the Brocken forest to see where Faust was written to have traveled or you could explore the Bavarian Forest and the Black Forest to enjoy the nature settings. The Romantic Road stretches from Wurzburg to Fussen, and remains a popular trip to this day. It’s often included in most Germany Vacations.

Flights to Germany / How to Get There

Many airports are available in cities around Germany: Berlin ‘ actually has 3 airports, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Hof, Munich, Rostock, Saarbruecken, Siegerland / Siegen, and Stuttgart. To get around the country itself, you can use the Autobahn for a terrifying and thrilling driving experience with a rental car. You might also want to take advantage of the many rail options. Book cheap flights to Germany here.

Hotels in Germany & Where to Stay

Just as with any European country, Germany offers a variety of accommodations at hotel chains and bed and breakfasts. Numerous hostels are also available to those who want to have less expensive accommodations that also thrust them into the flavour of the country itself. In the larger cities, you can find independently owned hostels where you don’t have to be a member to sleep in their locations. Don’t forget Germany Restaurants. Book hotels in Germany here.

The Best Hostels in Germany for Travelling Canadians

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The Top Hostels in Berlin for Travelling Canadians

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Berlin, Germany Travel Advice

Many people first began to take notice of Berlin during the reign and the fall of the Nazi regime, but in more modern times, we can recall the fall of the Berlin Wall that separated East and West Germany. This thriving European capital offers numerous sightseeing opportunities from the Brandenburger Tor to Hackesche H'fe, the ... Read more Berlin, Germany Travel Advice

Munich, Germany Travel Advice

While images of Germany tend to be filled with clich'd lederhosen and Bavarian charm, Munich is not like any other German city. With modern architecture and a cosmopolitan feel, Munich is the place to head when you want to explore an international hotspot. But that doesn't mean you can't get a taste of old time ... Read more Munich, Germany Travel Advice