The Top Hostels in Berlin for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in BerlinHow do you choose a hostel in a country where you do not speak the language? The answer is that you look at the reviews written by fellow Canadians and select the top hostels in Berlin that way. Even if you do speak German, it is often comforting to meet fellow Canadians in foreign climes.

What Is A Hostel?

‘Hostel’ has different meanings throughout the world and even within a single city. Usually they possess shared toilet/shower facilities, a common kitchen area, and the most basic amenities (a bed, linens, maybe towels). There is no cable TV, no in-room video games or surround sound, and certainly no mini bar.

It is common for several people to share bunks in a small room, like at camp. A lot of hostels are located right in the city, and Berlin has many to choose from.

Up-market hostels provide a little bit more. They might have private rooms as well as group rooms. Some are suitable for families.


Tips for Choosing Your Hostel

If you are concerned about security, then research the security measures taken at a given hostel. You will feel safer.

What is the location? Are you close to:

  • Transportation
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Tourist sites

Is food served on the premises? You might be happy to know that a buffet breakfast is sometimes served, possibly for a very low price compared with restaurant food.

Will there be extra furniture for a baby or toddler? Does the facility possess:

  • Highchairs
  • Cribs
  • Booster seats for sitting at the table

One complaint about hostels is that they are not always clean and are usually loud. If they are clean and quiet, then reviewers will make a point of saying so.

Why Would Someone Want To Stay At A Hostel?

The top hostels in Berlin possess a certain advantage over the competition. They attract more people than the others and they are not from a bad element of society. When the setting is positive, lots of individuals from Canada will stay there throughout the year. Your chances of meeting one during your stay are good.


These guests will have heard about a hostel from other Canadians or will have read about it on a website for Canadian travelers. When they meet here for the first time, they can get together and travel as a team. If females are traveling alone, this is a fantastic way to stay safe.

Also, when accommodation is inexpensive, it is feasible to stay in Berlin for a little while and scout out employment opportunities. Are you thinking of immigrating to Germany? Berlin is a logical place to start. Learn more about the area while staying on your temporary visitor’s visa and if you require further immigration services you may want consider Canuck Abroad for additional legal aid.