The Best Hostels in Greece for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in  GreeceWherever you are traveling to and from Canada, it is a good idea to start your travels with a visit to Canuck Abroad. This site contains information for visitors and people who want to live and work overseas. For instance, if you are looking for hostels in Greece, this could be your first resource.

Finding Hostels in Greece

The most popular places for hostels are also the most popular tourist destinations. That means you will easily find a hostel in:

The Best Hostels in Greece

What are your plans for a stay in Greece? Are you taking the typical tour, visiting Athens, ancient ruins, and city-based tourist sites? Are your interests broader in scope? The best hostels in Greece might not be best for you, not if they are miles from your preferred base.

A hostel, which is close to amenities you want, will be convenient because you can walk to:

  • Restaurants
  • Attractions

Often these hostels are based close to public transportation if there is any nearby.


Types of Hostels

You probably want to stay with people who have similar interests and needs to yours. These might include:

  • Fellow backpackers
  • Students
  • All women or all men
  • Families
  • Adventurous couples

Another advantage is finding a place where fellow Canadians prefer to stay. This way it is more likely the staff has picked up some English, or that you can at least find some people to converse with in English or French.

Certain hostels have swimming pools, but this is no guarantee you will want to swim in them. Check out the reviews for these hostels to find out which ones keep their pools and other facilities clean, including rooms.

If you can find a hostel, which has a cafeteria on site, this is very handy. You might not want to cook in the communal kitchen or walk to a restaurant every day.

Extra Amenities

Have you decided that driving around Greece is not your cup of tea? If so, then look for a hostel that supplies bike rentals or a place where you can park the bike you rented elsewhere.

So that you can travel light, many hostels provide towels for use by guests for the pool, the beach, or the showers. They clean their own towels so there is no extra work for you.

Having access to Wi-Fi, or a fax machine at the very least, allows guests to stay in touch with family back home in Canada.


Traveling Companions

Regardless of where you stay, there is always danger associated with traveling alone. Canuck Abroad hosts a forum where members list their advice and questions. Someone heading the same direction as you could be looking for a traveling companion.