Travel Ireland

Flag of Ireland

Ireland remains a travelers favorite year after year. The reasons include its breathtaking scenery, friendly residents and fun loving atmosphere. A visit to Ireland promises to be relaxing, educational and awe inspiring.

Ireland travel tips & advice

Most visitors begin their stay in Dublin, which is the easiest place to enter the country by air. Dublin is a mish mash of architecture and can be somewhat confusing, but it is still a great place to begin an Irish journey. There are lots of museums, quaint streets for strolling, beautiful parks and great restaurants and bars.

County Derry and County Waterford are two of the most visited areas in Ireland, and for good reason. Though County Derry can get quite crowded with tourists, youíll still want to visit for the unparalleled scenery along the rocky coast. Surfers are certain to find this area to be one of the worldís best places to catch a wave. There’s also an ancient city here and some of the most fun youíll ever find in an Irish pub. County Waterford is home to Waterford Crystal and to very nice, mostly family friendly beach resorts. There’s also a nice pedestrian street in the county town of Waterford, where youíll find lots of Georgian architecture as well as the oldest building in Ireland.

The Aran Islands are also a popular tourist destination. These small islands are perfect for beach strolling and wandering through archaeological remains. Cycling is a great way to explore the islands. Keep in mind, however, that the islands have few amenities and are littered with tourists during the high season.

Flights to Ireland / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Dublin here. It’s very easy to fly to Dublin from nearly anywhere. There are nonstop flights from most European hubs and from North America. Cork also has an international airport with incoming flights from most of continental Europe.

Hotels in Ireland & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Ireland, and other cheap hotels here. You’ll find a wide variety of accommodations in Ireland. Cities like Dublin and Cork will have lots of hotels in all different price ranges. Guesthouses and hostels can be found throughout the country. More than 7 million visitors come to Ireland each year, so accommodations abound.