Rome, Italy Travel Advice

The history of Rome is the first thing that enters people’s minds when they hear the same. With all of the empire conquests and celebrated leaders, it’s amazing to visit the city and see the remaining proof of these times. The Pantheon is a must see, with its huge presence in the city, as is the Colosseo – the Colliseum.

Rome travel tips & advice

The many palazzos and piazzas are another attraction of Rome, allowing you the chance to run among the birds or to create the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. The fountains that fill the piazzas and palazzos ‘ Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona, and the Quattro Fontane ‘ are always flowing not only with water, but with intricate sculptures that help to add charm to a picture background.

Campidoglio is one of the remaining gifts from the talents of Michaelangelo, showcasing his attention to detail and to practicality. This piazza slowly reveals more beautiful buildings and sculptures as you ascend, with a plaza floor that you can hardly fathom by simply looking down. It needs to be seen from a higher vantage point to get the full effect. At the centre of these buildings is a fountain which seems humbled by the rest of the area.

Flights to Rome / How to Get There

Cheap flights to Rome are usually available from other European cities. There are two main airports in Rome -the Leonardo da Vinci airport which accommodates major carriers and Ciampino, which offers service to budget airlines.

Getting Around Rome

Once you are in Rome, there are numerous ways to travel from one part to the next – driving can be a little frightening, if you’re not used to the traffic and the structure of the streets. There isn’t an extensive metro system as there is in other European cities, but if the metro does go to your final destination, it is a simple method of travel. You can also use the COTRAL system, a bus company in the city.

Hotels in Rome & Where to Stay

The Aleph hotel is where you might find the rich and famous staying, while famous faces like Mark Twain and Lizst once stayed at D’Inghilterra in Rome. Of course, the many hostel options are more reasonable (and less filled with paparazzi) ‘ Two Ducks, Des Artistes, and Freedom Traveller are solid choices for less than 40 EUROS a night. Don’t forget about Motels in Rome as an option too. Whatever you do, make sure you take in the bset of Italian cuisine – beats any restaurants in the UK you can be sure!