The Top Hostels in Florence for Travelling Canadians

top hostels in FlorenceFlorence is a beautiful city with lots to see and do. Canadians who enjoy travelling abroad will want to be sure to pay this historic, touristic city a visit for at least a few days. Thankfully, because so many young people go to Florence every year, there are numerous good hostels in the city.

Finding A Hostel in Florence

Following is an overview of some of the top hostels in Florence:


Academy Hostel

Academy Hostel is without a doubt one of the best hostels in town. It is near everything and the prices are very reasonable. The rooms are clean and the staff members are friendly and helpful. However, it should be noted that this hostel is not particularly suitable for those who enjoy partying and meeting other people.

DanyHouse Hostel

DanyHouse Hostel has a casual, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is ideal for travelers who want to not only see the sights but also get to know fellow travelers from other parts of the world.

Many people who have stayed at this particular hostel have noted that staff members go out of their way to make a person’s stay comfortable and enjoyable. The only downside to staying at this hostel is the fact that it is relatively new and so does not have some of the features and amenities that one would expect from an average hostel in the city.

Ostello Gallo D’Oro

The hostel Ostello Gallo D’Oro is great for travelers who are visiting Florence for the first time. Staff members know the city well and give visitors good advice on where to go and how to get there. This particular hostel is also ideal for young travelers who want to make new friends, as its relaxed, casual atmosphere makes it easy for people to meet and get to know others better.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Despite the fact that some individuals found staff members rude and unhelpful, the Archi Rossi Hostel still gets top review ratings from those who have stayed there. It is conveniently located near a train station, offers free tours and some free meals, has many convenient features and amenities and does not charge high prices. Those who have stayed at this hostel have also commented that the rooms are comfortable, spacious and clean.


Those who are looking for top hostels in Florence may want to consider checking out one of the above mentioned hostels. However, it should be noted that a hostel that is ideal for one person might not be suitable for another. Those who are booking a hostel will want to consider factors such as:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Services
  • Amenities
  • Rules

It is also a good idea to find out more about Florence itself before traveling there. The site has some very helpful traveler tips and resources that can help to make a person’s stay in Florence pleasant, relaxing and hassle free.