Travel Liechtenstein

Flag of Liechtenstein

Leichtenstein is one of the world’s smallest countries, measuring 6 km wide by 25 km long. But it is large on beauty, with coastlines and forests enough to wow any visitor.

Liechtenstein travel tips & advice

Liechtenstein is a great destination for the cyclist. There are plenty of cycling trails throughout the forests that boast some of the world’s most lush greenery.
This country is also a wonderful place for skiing and other winter sports. Liechtenstein is located in the Upper Rhine Valley of the European Alps, offering some of the world’s best skiing.

Culturally, Liechtenstein has much to offer, as well. You’ll find several museums, including the Kunstmuseum, which is a wonderful modern art museum. In addition, there is a skiing museum, a stamp museum, and the Liechtenstein National Museum, which houses permanent collections regarding the history and culture of the country.

Visiting Liechtenstein’s castles is a must when in this tiny country, too. Vaduz Castle and Gutenberg Castle are the two most popular. In addition, you’ll wan to take in the Ruins of Schellenberg. These ruins provide evidence that a village existed in this location as early as 3000 BC. The remains of an ancient castle are still here.

The Red House, an emblem of the capital, is also a popular attraction. This house dates back to the Middle Ages and showcases a medieval gabled stair structure.

Flights to Liechtenstein / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Liechtenstein and more cheap flights here. Liechtenstein has no international airport. Most tourists enter through Zurich, but it is also convenient to fly into Friedrichshafen Germany. Both cities have train service to Swiss Border towns which offer bus service to Vaduz. Or, many tourists choose to drive from one of the international airports, since the drive is very scenic.

Hotels in Liechtenstein & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Liechtenstein, and other cheap hotels here. You’ll find a wide range of accommodation types in Liechtenstein; from large hotels to small hostels and guesthouses. There are camping facilities in some areas and cabins or cottages for rent, as well. Many of the finer hotels pride themselves on having top end restaurants, as well. Some of the available cabins are wonderful for hikers, as they offer easy access to some of the best mountain trails along with traditional alpine charm.