Travel Lithuania

Lithuania is a country with a tumultuous history that has served to prove the strength and determination of its people. It was once ruled by Nazi Germany and twice ruled by the Soviet Union. The country is credited with the downfall of the Soviet Empire, when it declared its independence in 1990.

Lithuania travel tips & advice

Today, Lithuania has a booming economy, has become part of the European Union and NATO, wrenching itself fully from the grasp of oppression. For the traveler, this country offers natural beauty along with quaint and charming towns.

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, a very tiny town with beautiful Baroque architecture. Vilnius boasts Europe’s largest baroque old town. Visitors are certain to love the cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants. Don’t forget to check out the statue of Frank Zappa. And, no, Frank Zappa was not from Lithuania – in fact he likely never even visited the country. But he had a very active fan club which included several artists bent on asserting their artistic freedom after the fall of the Soviet Empire.

The Curonian Spit is also a wonderful place to visit in Lithuania. This tiny piece of land dangling into the Baltic Sea is home to a National Park. You’ll find beautiful sand dunes and lots of wildlife in this fragile ecosystem that is best seen by bicycle.

When you’re ready for some nightlife, head to Palanga. During the summer, the days see packed beaches and the nights see packed clubs. This is a hotspot resort for those who want to see and be seen during the summer months.

Flights to Lithuania / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Lithuania and more cheap flights here. Vilnius International Airport is where most travelers enter the country. Lithuanian Airlines, the country’s national carrier has routes to about 15 European countries. Air Baltic is also a large carrier for Lithuanian routes, with service to many European hubs.

Hotels in Lithuania & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Lithuania, and other cheap hotels here. You’ll find a wide range of accommodations in Vilnius, including 5 star hotels as well as hostels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses. In the smaller towns, you’ll find mostly guesthouses and smaller accommodations. You’ll also find small apartments for short term rental throughout the country.