Travel Macedonia

Flag of Macedonia

Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan country. This small country attracts about 700,000 tourists each year. It is most famous for being the home country of Mother Theresa, but you’ll find lots of lovely sights and sounds when you visit this country.

Macedonia travel tips & advice

History buffs will love the ancient ruins and the Sveti Naum monastery. The original church here was built in 900, and St. Naum himself is buried here. Mavrovo National Park is also a must see when you visit Macedonia. Here you’ll find wonderful skiing in the winter, and beautiful waterfalls, plains and mountains for exploring in the summer months.

There are a couple of cities that are wonderful to visit in Macedonia. The first is Skopje, the capital. This city is full of beautiful architecture and offers several museums. There is a great Turkish bazaar here for shopping and the south side of town is filled with wonderful restaurants, coffee shops and clubs. Don’t be fooled by the remaining gray colored Soviet era architecture that remains, this city is vibrant.

Another great city to visit for its cultural and spiritual significance is Ohrid. There is a beautiful lake here and the city is the heart of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. It is a haven for tourists during the warm Mediterranean summers. But, the visitors don’t distract from the charm of the cobblestone streets lined with small churches.

Flights to Macedonia / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Macedonia and more cheap flights here. Macedonia has international airports in Skopje and in Ohrid. Many common European carriers have flights into the country, with most going into Skopje.

Hotels in Macedonia & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Macedonia, and other cheap hotels here. You’ll find a wide range of accommodations available in Macedonia. Larger cities such as Ohrid and Skopje will have higher end hotels mixed with beds and breakfasts, short term apartments and guesthouses. In smaller cities, the accommodations will be mostly guesthouses. Around the Mavrovo National Park, there are ski resorts.