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Flag of Moldova

Moldova is a small Eastern European country bordered by Romania and Ukraine. Moldova has seen its share of troubles, most notably in the early 1990’s when the Turkish region and the Soviet region of the country declared their independence. Today, the Turkish region is peaceful, maintaining a truce with Moldova, while the Transdniestr region, which is still a communist state, still experiences strife. This country is most noted abroad for its varietals wines, and the traveler who is also a wine connoisseur will not be disappointed.

Moldova travel tips & advice

Taking one of the country’s many wine tours will give you a good appreciation of the country’s most important export and tourist attraction. You can tour many of the vineyards and wine estates throughout the countryside all the while enjoying the beautiful pastures and fields along the way.

When you’re ready for some urban lifestyle, head to Chisinau. This town is strikingly affluent compared to the rest of the country. You’ll find high end restaurants and boutiques along the charming streets and some wonderful nightclubs for passing away the time after dinner. There are also quite a few charming parks and lakes here.

Another great place to explore in Moldova is Orheiul Vechi. Here you’ll find the Orheiul Vechi Monastery. This vast monastery has been carved right into the limestone cliffs. The monastery was dug during the 13th century and inhabited until around the 18th century. Today, monks are slowing restoring it. It has become one of Moldova’s most popular tourist attractions. Inside the caves that make up the monastery, there are even bunks carved out of stone.

Flights to Moldova / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Moldova and more cheap flights here. Moldova is not a particularly popular tourist destination, so getting there is a bit difficult. The easiest way is to fly into Romania and make connections from there. There are a few flights from other European countries directly into Chisinau.

Hotels in Moldova & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Moldova. Hotels are not in abundance in Moldova. Most that you’ll find are look very “Soviet era”, but you should find large clean rooms inside. You’ll also be able to find some guesthouses, even in smaller cities in the country.