Travel Poland

Flag of Poland

Poland is a mysterious land to many. The country is steeped in religion, yet also associated with Nazi occupation and the former Soviet era. Today, Poland is moving swiftly into modern times and offers the traveler many delights. Whether you’re interested in architecture, culture or history, you’ll find many things to love about Poland.

Poland travel tips & advice

Begin with the many Gothic castles in Poland. Malbork is likely the most famous castle in Poland. Malbork is Europe’s largest Gothic castle, and is quite a medieval masterpiece. Be prepared for long lines to tour it if you visit during the summer.

Gdansk is a lovely port town, where you’ll find plenty of historical artifacts and beautiful architecture as you wander the tiny side streets. Visit Artus Court, where you can see pictures of visiting dignitaries from as far back as Henry VIII. The National Museum is also in Gdansk, and makes for an enjoyable afternoon.

Wroclaw is Poland’s fourth largest city and one of the most popular for tourists. It is a lively city with beautiful scenery and architecture. The ecclesiastical district is quite impressive, boasting some of the most beautiful Gothic architecture in the world. The city is on the Odra River, which has 12 islands, 130 bridges and riverside parks. It’s a lovely way to spend a spring day or two.

Krakow is also a wonderful place to visit in Poland. It is certainly one of the country’s most picturesque towns, and boasts castles, Renaissance and Gothic architectural masterpieces and a charming old town.

Flights to Poland / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Poland and more cheap flights here. Poland has several international airports, but the vast majority of international flights come into Warsaw’s Chopin airport. Poland’s national carrier is LOT Airlines, and the country is well connected to hubs in Europe. Several major carriers have non-stop flights to Warsaw from European hubs, as well as from North America. Within Poland, travel by train and bus is easy. In addition, Poland is connected by train to several cities in Germany, including Berlin.

Hotels in Poland & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Poland here. In larger towns like Warsaw, Krakaw and Wroclaw, you’ll find a wide variety of hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts, including 5 star Westernized chain hotels. In smaller areas of the country, you’ll find mostly small locally owned hotels and guesthouses.