The Best Hostels in Lisbon for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in lisbonWhen you are looking for the best hostels in Lisbon, you need to consider all your needs and how you plan to spend your time in the city.  Not only do you need to find accommodations that will fit your budget, but you should also keep in mind any emergencies you may encounter as you travel abroad.
The good news is many hostels include Wi-Fi and/or Internet access at their hostels, so you have access to sites such as Canuck Abroad in case you find yourself needing some assistance with matters such as immigration issues.

What to Look For In the Best Hostels in Lisbon

You need to make certain considerations when you are looking for a good hostel.  For instance, you will find that many popular hostels in Lisbon cost less than $20 a night and are located relatively close to the city of the center.  While some of these facilities may be little more than a place to sleep at night, you will also find that some include many other amenities you need in order to take care of yourself during your stay.

The Living Lounge Hostel

The Living Lounge Hostel is one of the most highly rated hostels in Lisbon.  Not only is this facility located very close to the city’s center, but it is also one of the least expensive facilities at about $20 per night.  This hostel may be ideal if one of your goals is to get to meet new people since the lounge area is made with this type of activity in mind.  You can also relax in an upstairs roof garden if you want an area with more scenery.  You can also stay connected with the world through the free Internet access.

The Independente Hostel & Suites

The Independente Hostel & Suites is another highly rated facility and costs just less than the Living Lounge.  This facility includes a bar, restaurant and lounge available only to guests.  If you are able to pay a little more than the rate for the dorms, you can book one of four special suites that includes private balconies overlooking St. George’s Castle and the Tagus River.  All guests have access to services such as laundry facilities, a common room, games room and free Wi-Fi.

Booking the Best Hostels in Lisbon

These are only a few of the choices you have when you are looking into hostels in Lisbon.  With nearly 200 hostels and similar accommodations in the city, chances are you will find something that will fulfill your needs.  However, it is very important to make sure you get the type of accommodations you expect.  You want to make sure you have access not only to the services you need in order to have a pleasant stay but also those that will keep you connected in case of an emergency.
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