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With an exotic and lusty flair, Spain is the destination for those looking for excitement as well as a unique and memorable trip. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has been under the rule of many different cultures throughout the years, allowing its current flavor to be varied and exciting. From the Roman Empire to the Germanic tribes and then the Muslims, each people left their own impressions found in art, architecture, and even the language’s variations.

Spain travel tips & advice

Spain has 17 different separate communities with the capital being Madrid. Within these communities are 50 provinces as well. Within each area is its own tastes and appeal. The Sagrada Familia is in Barcelona, while the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia still stands. The Pyrenees stand off in the distance, separating the country of Portugal at the West. Many churches still stand, including the Cathedral of Seville and Burgos Cathedral. But still, that’s only the beginning of the ways to explore this land.

Spain also serves as a good starting point for a longer European trip as it is furthest to the West, allowing for the perfect opportunity to slowly move East in your travels.

Flights to Spain / How to Get There

Getting into Spain can be accomplished through any one of the 47 available airports. You can find flights to Spain here. The most common arrival locations are Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona. The national carrier of Spain is Iberia, so you will probably find yourself on one of their flights. You can also travel to Spain from another European hub by taking the train into the country.

Hotels in Spain & Where to Stay

You can book hotels in Spain right here. Numerous hotels are available in every major city in Spain, while hostels are also found in high number. You can often find hostel prices much more accommodating than traditional hotels, with minimal differences in comfort. Hostels can be found for as little as 30USD per night per guest. Of course though, don’t forget about Luxury Hotels in Spain and Madrid Hotels.