Barcelona, Spain Travel Advice

Often called Spain’s Second City, Barcelona started out as a simple port city, but has grown into an exciting beachside resort town. Though some locals do not consider Barcelona to be a part of Spain, the actual differences are made clear as soon as you arrive. First of all, the inhabitants of Barcelona speak Catalan instead of Spanish. This is a slight variation of the language that might get you in trouble at first, so make sure to learn some basic phrases before you arrive.

Barcelona travel tips & advice

Once you’re in Barcelona, you will be amazed by all that is available. The Gothic influence is heavy here, but at the same time provides many colourful delights. From the duel spire Sagrada Familia to Park Guelle, you will find constant examples of the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. While his pieces are wild, they certainly stand out in the city ‘ you just can’t miss them. For example, if you go to Las Ramblas (the streets), a festive part of the city, you will notice you are walking on a highly detailed tiled piece that was one of Gaudi’s creations.

If you’re looking for something a bit tamer, the Catedral is a magnificent piece of architecture, stoic and large against the Barcelona backdrop. The nave of this church is the widest in the world. Don’t forget to see Barri Gotic too.

Flights to Barcelona / How to Get There

If you want to arrive in Barcelona, you will need to land at El Prat de Llobregat airport in the south. This airport is a sight until itself with marble, steel, and glass construction. From there, you can choose to use the subways which are very cheap and accessible or you might want to try something a little more daring with the cable cars.

Hotels in Barcelona & Where to Stay

While the name might not seem appetizing, Colon is a hotel that many guests like to frequent, but Antibes is another option that’s closer to Las Ramblas. If you’d rather a hostel, you might want to choose Garden House Barcelona, Barcelona Mar-Be Hostel, or Paraiso Travellers Hostel. Look for Barcelona Motels as well or try Yellow Pages.