The Top Hostels in Barcelona for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in BarcelonaWhile Barcelona can be one of the more expensive cities in Europe to visit, Canadian tourists need not shell out a huge percentage of their travel budget on lodging.

Finding Hostels in Barcelona

The top hostels in Barcelona offer a cheaper option for travelers than hotels or bed-and-breakfasts. Traveling Canadians can use to get more tips on touring overseas as well the immigration services they may require to gain entry.


Oldies But Goodies

The Hostel Kabul in Barcelona boasts one of the longest histories of accommodating travelers, long before the modern era when tourists flocked to the city to see the sights. Back when the visitors to the city tended to be sailors or soldiers, the Kabul offered a place to spend the night on the Placa Reial.
With rooms that start at only twenty Euros per person, a cost that includes breakfast, it allows any traveler to get close to the parties, clubs, and sights without needing to trek a long way back.

Make Your Stay a Party

On the Via Laietana that runs through the city, visitors will immediately catch the sight of the Gothic Point, a hostel that more resembles a college dorm than a business operation. The vibrant colors, festive murals, and floating paper lanterns all create a friendly atmosphere.

In between the activities of the city, you can relax in common rooms with large televisions and ping pong tables. Each dorm has room for five to ten travelers, at seventeen Euros per person. Double rooms are available for seventy Euros a night, though spacious rooms are at a premium.

Class and Style

While the top hostels in Barcelona are much less luxurious than the city’s vibrant hotels, the Casa Gracia makes an argument for aesthetics and style without compromising on the price tag.

Opened only two years ago, the Casa Gracia boasts soaring ceilings and columns, modern art decorating the walls, and a massive dining room and lounge where visitors take meals and watch high profile soccer matches. With doubles rooms starting at fifty-five Euros and shared dorm rooms from sixteen Euros, the Casa Gracia boasts both style and affordability.


Connect With the World

One of the major benefits of staying in hostels when you travel around is the chance to see new people and connect with new experiences. The Barcelona Urbany is a new hostel that seeks to help visitors create friendships and contacts in the Internet era, with a massive giant touchscreen for social networking across the city and locations.

Benefits include an indoor pool and gym, a great view from the terrace, and rooms that can fit two, four, six, or eight according to group and gender. With shared dorm rooms as low as twelve Euros per person and doubles from twenty-five Euros, it is one of the more affordable in the city.