Travel Turkey

Flag of Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful land for many different types of visitors. History buffs will marvel at the many battlegrounds, including the setting for Homer’s Iliad. Architecture and archaeology buffs will love the ruins of old castles and the theatre at Ephesus and beach bums will be thrilled by the beautiful Mediterranean waters and pristine beaches.

Turkey travel tips & advice

Shoppers will drool at the markets in Istanbul and gourmands will want to take in every delicious local restaurant. Adventure lovers will certainly want to ascend to the peak of Nemrut Da Milli Park, where they’ll find lovely statues awaiting them.

Begin your visit in Istanbul, where you’ll most likely land by air. In addition to visiting the marketplace and taking home some treasures, be certain to take in the many museums and visit the trendy shops and restaurants. Istanbul has become quite hip in recent years, and you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. If you like nightlife, Istanbul will be one of your favorite destinations. There are clubs on every corner, which means that each of them compete to gain favor with the partiers. You can expect the atmosphere to be superior and the drinks free flowing.

Ephesus, in addition to boasting an ancient 25,000 person ampitheatre, is probably the best place in the world to get a feel for what life was like in the ancient Roman Empire. You can wander through ruins here for days on end.

Flights to Turkey / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Turkey here. The busiest international airport is in Istanbul, and this is where most visitors enter the country. The national carrier is Turkish Air. Train service in the country is good, and you can travel throughout Turkey and into Iran and Syria on the trains. Be certain to check local warnings before you make any attempt to travel into Iran.

Hotels in Turkey & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Turkey, and other cheap hotels here. Istanbul offers the widest range of accommodations, including 5 star hotels and modest guesthouses. Ankara will also have plenty of accommodations from which to choose. Smaller cities will have mostly local guesthouses, with a few hotels mixed in along the most visited cities. Along the beaches, you’ll also find some nice beach resorts that offer plenty of amenities.