Travel United Kingdom

Whether you call it the U.K., United Kingdom, England, Britain etc – you’re certain to find something for everyone to enjoy in this historic country.

Uk travel tips & advice

Comprised of four different individual countries ‘ Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales ‘ the U.K. has a rich history and artifacts to explore. From Big Ben in London, Stonehenge in England, and castles in Edinburgh, you can uncover the years of growth and progress on your own.

No matter if you plan to visit London or travel over to Ireland and Scotland during the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, you can find something to do at all times of the year. Buckingham Palace is a must see when you’re in London, as are any of the castles that pepper the rolling green countryside. If you want a sense of modern nightlife, London is also a place to explore for its friendly pubs and contemporary shopping scene ‘ Harrods, for example.

Flights to the Uk / How to Get There

The most common way to arrive in the UK is through London’s Heathrow Airport, but it’s not the only airport. Other potential airports include:
England: Gatwick, London City, Luton, Stansed, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and many others.
Wales: Cardiff, Swansea – Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow

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Hotels in the Uk & Where to Stay

Throughout the U.K. are extensive choices in Bed and Breakfasts and hostels. In fact, low priced hostels cover the entire country, but traditional hotels and motels are also available for your accommodations. Whether you’re looking for a place to lay your head or for a room that lets you live in the lap of luxury, the many choices of places to stay will fit into any need and budget including England Luxury Hotels and London Restaurants.

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Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Advice

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London, UK Travel Advice

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