Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Advice

Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh greets its visitors with an ideal city landscape amongst the green hills and natural countryside. Edinburgh Castle at the centre of the city is one of the most visited and photographed attractions in the town, showcasing the old world appeal of the city.

Edinburgh travel tips & advice

Museum on the Mound and the Scottish Mining Museum are also favored museum tour trips. But the National Gallery of Scotland and the Royal Museum and Museum of Scotland are highly ranked by travel planners. Many festivals and other gatherings are also held throughout the year ‘ for example, the Scottish Snowdrop Festival celebrates the blooming of the snowdrop flowers.

Take some time to explore each section of the town, working your way out from the centre to Old Town, New Town, South Side, and Leith. Each section offers a glimpse into the architectural changes as well as the city’s history. St. Mary’s Cathedral is a spectacular sight with its three spires and Gothic influence. But the more subdued St. Giles’ Cathedral is also frequently visited. Many agencies will include these with Edinburgh Vacations.

Flights to Edinburgh / How to Get There

Getting to Edinburgh is simple through the Edinburgh Airport. Located about eight miles from the centre of the city, you can access other parts of the town by the Edinburgh Tram Network, Edinburgh Waverly’s rail system, or various available buses. Some people have complained about the congestion in the city, so there are also many park and ride options scattered throughout the various sections of town.

Hotels in Edinburgh & Where to Stay

Accommodations in Edinburgh are plentiful with everything from posh hotels to quaint and affordable hostels. The Glasshouse and Balmoral Hotel are two of the more luxurious choices, but many hostels are also available for you to enjoy. The City Centre Tourist Hostel is a favourite, but the West End Hostel offers rooms for as low as 8 pounds per night. Related: Restaurants in London